"Dolphin Tale" -- An Amazing True Story of Bravery, Compassion

From the producers of the Oscar-winning film “The Blind Side” comes Warner Bros.' heartwarming family adventure, “Dolphin Tale” which is inspired by the amazing true story of a brave dolphin and the compassionate strangers who banded together to save her life.

Dolphins and humans have always shared an intriguing symbiosis despite the natural divide of land and water. Their gentle spirits, smiling expressions and undeniable intelligence captivate us, and dolphins, likewise, seem drawn to the people who venture in or onto the oceans they call home…sometimes to their own detriment. Throughout the years, there have been many tales of dolphins saving the lives of people. In the feature film “Dolphin Tale,” a few dedicated humans join together to return the favor.

Director Charles Martin Smith offers, “One of the larger themes of the film is that we—people, animals, nature—are all in this together. We are part of an overall community that extends beyond our human family, and I think the movie speaks to that in a meaningful and entertaining way, with both humor and heart.”

“Dolphin Tale” has its origins in a story that would be almost impossible to believe if it weren’t true. In December 2005, a fisherman in Florida happened on a baby dolphin that had become entangled in the ropes of a crab trap, cutting off the circulation to her tail. Critically injured, the young animal was transported to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA), where she eventually lost her tail altogether, increasing the odds against her survival. However, the people working 24/7 to help Winter—as the dolphin was named—were determined to defy those odds, and Winter’s own will to live trumped all the cards she’d been dealt.

Her miraculous recovery was due, in large part, to an ingenious prosthetic tail. It is held on via a revolutionary sleeve made out of a super-soft, flexible, durable material, dubbed “Winter’s Gel,” which not only saved her life but has since changed the lives of physically challenged people around the world.

It wasn’t long before the media became aware of the events unfolding in Florida, which is how the story came to the attention of producer Richard Ingber. He recalls, “I was watching morning television when a piece about Winter came on that stopped me in my tracks. I was completely caught up in it and immediately realized the potential for a great family film that would be appealing to audiences of any age.”

Producer Andrew A. Kosove says, “‘Dolphin Tale’ is about overcoming adversity, about persistence, and about courage—qualities that human beings can relate to at a very core level. What makes it even more special is that those qualities are seen through the experiences of an animal.”

“Andrew and I have always gravitated to these kinds of inspirational movies,” adds producer Broderick Johnson. “From ‘My Dog Skip’ to ‘The Blind Side’ and now ‘Dolphin Tale’…these are stories that lift people up. When you hear about Winter—and especially when you meet her—it’s a life-affirming experience, regardless of your age or background or circumstance. We wanted to capture that feeling in the movie.”

“As soon as I heard about Winter, I just knew I had to do this film,” director Charles Martin Smith says. “I thought it was delightful and very much the kind of movie I’m interested in making. I also loved the idea of approaching it from a child’s point of view because children and animals have a kind of innocence and purity, and I really wanted to emphasize that bond.”

Opening soon across the Philippines in 3D and regular theaters, “Dolphin Tale” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.



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