'Going The Distance' Movie Review

I've watched Going The Distance on a special screening at SM Megamall, just before it's showing.  Before I watched this movie, I don't expect that much,  in short I lower my expectation. I expect this movie to fail just like The Bounty Hunter & Love Happens.

PLOT: 7 / 10
The film revolves around a couple who try to maintain a long-distance relationship, one in New York City, New York and the other in San Francisco, California. The film will also include a cameo by British band The Boxer Rebellion.

Though at first look I don't really like Justin Long and Drew Barrymore as a couple (they're real life couple) as the story unfolds, you will say that they have chemistry. Christina Applegate's role as Drew's sister is so funny, she's exaggerated but funny at the same time. She and Charlie Day brings most of the funny part in this movie. Charlie Day's love to drink beer in the toilet too :)

 LOL! Remember the theme song of Top Gun? They played that here in an awkward situation. Charlie Day's role love playing the background music, when the couple (Drew and Justin) is having a moment. I think that's what you do when you live with your bestfriend and you don't have a lovelife.

Since this is not a fantasy movie and this is about a long distance relationship they used minimal special effects. But I love the transitions they used when Drew/Justin is traveling.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS MOVIE: It's real and tackles all the problems that revolves around the long distance relationship. Though I haven't experience (because I chose not to) this movie will be very helpful to people especially those who don't know how to cope up with relationship liked this one.

WHAT I DONT LIKE ABOUT THIS MOVIE: It's not for kids, some scenes are funny but that would be awkward if you're with younger ones. Second is the vulgar language they've used here as if it's normal.

Jay.eLx MOVIE RATING: 7.0 / 10.00


  1. This is well worth going to see and one of the funniest romantic-comedy, I have seen in a long time. I have watch this movie only after reading your review. Thanks a lot for sharing such a good review of the movie.


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