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 I was so happy when I received a text that I will have a seat at the CINCO premiere night aside from the pre-party of the movie that I also attended at Guilly's Island in Tomas Morato. Because this is the first time Star Cinema invited me to a premiere, because the previous two that I attended are just presscons. Not that I complaining though. Did I? LOL

This is also the first time I saw a literally jampacked premiere night. I mean there are so many people standing at the sides. I also would like to thank Star Cinema because there's a seat there with my name on it, cool eh? It's reserved especially for me! It's also fun to hear all those fanatics screams their lungs out when their idol appeared on the screen! and I'm really surprised that there's a lot of banners/tarpaulins displayed by fans. It's like seeing those Twilight fantards :)

They said that this movie is a product of a new breed of creative and emboldened Philippine movie directors and visionaries that will push the HORROR GENRE into the next level. It was first conceptualized by two of ABS CBN’s brilliant and creative minds, Enrico Santos and Joel Mercado, to give the viewing public, 5 horrifying episodes with an unexpected threading by a single element:

“MATA,” top-billed by 2 of the most refreshing & versatile young stars in today’s generation, Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz, directed by Ato Bautista. Cast includes David Chua. This episode features a mature role for both Rayver Cruz & Maja Salvador and they delivered it well.

“MUKHA,” starring one of ABS-CBN’s most in-demand TV hosts, Mariel Rodriguez. The episode was directed by Nick Olanka. Cast includes Nanding Josef and Ketchup Eusebio. I really like Mariel's potrayal of an ill-tempered boss that fired her xerox machine operator because of some slight errors. When that operator died, that's where the scary part happened.

 “BRASO,” is led by some of the members of Gigger Boys: Sam Concepcion, AJ Perez and Robi Domingo under the direction of Frasco Mortiz, one of ABS-CBN’s young and brilliant directors. Cast includes Cristel Moreno, Fred Payawan and Baron Geisler. It's really a nice idea to put this episode as the first one, it sets the mood to the next episodes. Though I didn't like the CGI on this one, the other factor, makes up to it. Sam Concepcion's squeaking like a girl is so funny. There's also a line from Baron Geisler that made the crowd go wild.

“PUSO,” featuring the very talented Pokwang and hunk actor, Zanjoe Marudo with Box Office Director, Cathy Garcia-Molina at the helm. Cast includes Malou De Guzman, Empoy Marquez and Bangs Garcia. Seeing Cathy Garcia-Molina as the director on this one, I didn't expect that much since she frequently helms romance movie, but I was wrong she was good. This is the part 5 on the movie which was really apt because there's a lot of suspense scenes on this one. Empoy Marquez is so funny too, as always.

last but not the least is, “PAA,” top-billed by the prolific and award-winning actress, Jodi Sta. Maria. This is the first directorial job of Mr. Enrico Santos, the man behind ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime shows such as DYOSA, LIGAW NA BULAKLAK, HABANG MAY BUHAY, KUNG FU KIDS and SUPER INGGGO. “CINCO is taking a new and twisted look compared to your typical horror film. Cast includes Barbie Sabino (as Ana Dayos) and Shamaine Centenera.

This is my most favorite episode on this film.The plot is original and Jodi Sta. Maria really lives up to my expectation. Cinco having 5 episodes compressed into one movie, can make you think it's really short but not,since each episode is interrelated. It's like a one movie after all. A must watch and will worth your every peso.

“Limang Kasalanan. Limang Kabayaran. Limang Kwento. Isang pelikula.” Catch CINCO in more than 100 theaters nationwide.


  1. since it's done showing, i'll spoil a bit. i didn't enjoy braso. it had the narrowest story of them all. the actors were really bad (except baron geisler who shows his natural ability to look scary). if it's just the "hot" body that you are looking at, then request for these dudes to be in another movie, not in a horror flick. also, i noticed an error in the poster. the guys are using pants while in the movie, they were using boxing shorts. jodi sta. maria was excellent. the setting, lighting, story line and characters were the best. never-ending thrills and screams. a battle of conscience and blood. rayver and maja were good as well. the story wasn't scary, but the director did an excellent job in keeping it interesting. the unending repetitions were superb, and all the actors were in character. mariel's story was okay. the "jingle bell" music made it a bit scary. mariel was definitely maldita in this flick. i pity mang bong a lot, specially in the scene where he was about to commit suicide and he was soaking in the rain. he should've killed mariel in the end to make it more interesting. LOL. the best story was pokwang's part. eventhough her side-kick, empoy, was so lame with his acting and her loveteam zanjoe wasn't good as well, pokwang pretty much handled the whole story. this was a typical "gayuma" story (ugly girl being inlove with a handsome guy but handsome guy is also inlove with a hot girl so ugly girl tries to make him hers by using a love potion) but the twist made it unique. all in all, i'll give this movie a "cinco" rating. meaning, it's the fifth most scary filipino flick for me. Feng Shui, Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, Sukob and Judy Anne Santos' MMK "sanib" series were better than this one.

  2. Paa was the best for me because Jodi Sta Maria acted so well. When they showed the reason why the ghost was angry, I wanted to scream "How could you???!!!" at Jodi's character. :D This story filled me with dread, but what I didn't like about it was The Grudge- style hanging upside down thing. Also, the grab-you-from-behind ala Sadako. I've seen them before. But all in all, I like "Paa" the most.

    Mariel's acting was over the top. It was so unnatural that it was not believable until the end. I think this was the reason why I probably did not care much about "Mukha".

    Braso! I like the Hawak-Kamay part. It was crazy!!! Nuff said.

    As for Baron Geisler... when he said THAT line, it felt like an insult to the women whom he has harassed. It was foul and I hope I'd never see him in any movie again.

    "Mata" was interesting as well, especially when the dream pattern kept on changing. I would never want to be in such a situation. When it ended (quite abruptly), I felt shortchanged (which is a compliment). I wanted to see if Maja's character would be able to get out of the nightmare and how.

    And "Puso"... it was OK. How Zanjoe killed Pokwang's gay friend was shocking for me. It was totally unexpected.

    I think Cinco pushed Pinoy horror forward. I hope to see more of this kind of stories full-length in the future. Thumbs up!!!

  3. I really don't know why this movie was a hit. Poor directing, poor acting, script was too predictable. All they did was scream throughout the movie. If the actors weren't 'big stars' (sort of), I would have considered it as 'low-budget' movie.

    Good thing I watched it for free. This is just too sad. It's quite clear that our films are way behind Hollywood horror films.

    I've always been fond of watching suspense/thrillers/horror films, and I've seen the best and worst of them. I'm sorry to say that "Cinco" is one of the worst. It didn't even scare me. It's all good advertising... but poor quality. =(

  4. do not bother watching this movie. it is a waist of your hard earned money.

  5. I love how the braso and the puso episodes are linked. i like all of the five episodes.


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