'The Bounty Hunter' Movie Review

This movie is topbiiled by Gerard Butler (300 & How to Train Your Dragon) as bounty hunter Milo and Jennifer Aniston (Bruce Almighty & Love Happens) as his bail-jumping reporter ex-wife Nicole. Much to his glee, Milo learns that Nicole is his next target and begins his assignment with enthusiasm. However, Nicole is determined to escape from Milo's custody once he has found her. He is determined to find and put her back into jail and take the credit – which is not as easy as it may seem.

The exes continually one-up each other – until they find themselves on the run for their lives. They thought their promise to love, honor and obey was tough – staying alive is going to be a whole lot tougher. Until they fake being together to hide from the killers.

Since I don't like the last movie of Jennifer Aniston (Love Happens), I dont expect anything much on this movie. But I was wrong, it's better :) I think, that's the secret if you want to enjoy a certain movie, lower your expectation.

Though the movie is quite predictable at times and you will think that this is just another romcon movie, there are some scene that you will not see on other movie, like when Milo Boyd (Gerald Butler) smooched that girl from from his friend's office. The girl just casually said: "OK, return my bubble gum" because his gum was transferred to Milo while they're kissing. LOL! This scene received the longest chuckles among audience. There is also one scene when a boy asked Jennifer Aniston to show her b*obs which she did :D

Bounty Hunter opens nationwide on May 5, released by Columbia Pictures. Rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.


  1. My favorite film of 20101!!!.... as of now. :)

  2. hmmm.. joyson's comment made me want to watch the film. I am a fan of Gerard but not of Jen

  3. Gerard the best in action and comedy :D

  4. @Nica: Opo! Watch it po! :)) haha. Ewan ko kung mababaw ang kaligayahan ko pero natuwa ako dito! haha. 2 of my faves artists!

  5. @joyson, will trust your recommendation. I hope its as good as The Ugly Truth.

  6. @nica The Ugly Truth was great we saw the different side of Gerald Butler. Hope to see Gerald and Jennifer sooner or later.

  7. @Nica: Thanks! :) And you're right, Ugly truth is great as well! :))

  8. a date movie for everyone. Loved the team up of Jen and Gerard. ♥

  9. Oo nga! Bagay silang dalawa! hahaha! Pareho sila loko sa film! :D


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