Why You Need To Watch 'Alice in Wonderland?

Alice Kingsley, now 19, attends a party at a Victorian estate shortly after the death of her beloved father. Alice spots a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch. In shock and confusion, she runs off into a maze and follows the White Rabbit through it. She eventually tumbles down a rabbit hole into Underland, more commonly referred to as "Wonderland" by its inhabitants. She had visited this place 10 years earlier, but had entirely forgotten about it. She is also told that she is the only one who can slay the Jabberwock, the dragon who terrorizes the inhabitants of Wonderland under the rule of the Red Queen.

Why You Need To Watch 'Alice in Wonderland?

A - lice proved to everyone that we can always achieve our dream even though we think we cannot.
L - ike the Red Queen, you can't always be on top, so stay humble.
I - 'm sure you will  find TweedleDee & Tweedledum cute :)
C - harming White Queen's hand gestures will make you go gaga.
E - ven though Mad Hatter's make up is the thickest among all character, he's the most amusing.

I - t's really better in 3D, so head on to SM North EDSA IMAX Theater.
N - ow showing all over the Philippines.

W - ondering what's a Jabberwock? See the movie!
O - h, How can I forgot about The Cheshire Cat, he's so cute & has many teeth hehe.
N - o, The White Rabbit isn't a candy in this movie.
D - ormouse's character reminds me of people, who thinks big of themselves but not really in reality.
E - ver see animals used as furniture? The Red Queen hates animals so you will see it here.
R - ed Queen's head is so big , you can land an airplane on it.
L - et your imaginations run wild, don't remove your 3D glasses through out the movie.
A - nd don't forget what's the answer to "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
N - eed I say more?
D - isney made this film. So it worth every peso.

Alice In Wonderland is now showing nationwide & if you like to win that limited edition pocket watch, White Rabbit is holding then head on to Azrael Merryland blog's for more details :)


  1. Yeah. :-)

    Me and, my siblings and my special someone will be heading to the theater today to watch this movie.

    Oh, thanks for following me in twitter. I'll be following you in return. God bless.

  2. yup! you should this movie is so cool :)

  3. I was able to watch this sa 3D dahil hinila ako ng classmates ko! haha. Pag labas namin ng cinema, mga girls kong classmate pa glide na lumakad. hahaha. ginagaya si Anne! :)

  4. We watched the movie and its the movie for all ages, Alice in Wonderland Rocks

  5. hindi ko rin ito napanuod.. :-(

  6. Kapag tinatanong ako ng mga kaptid ko kung napanood ko na ito, I say "nope." haha. Pambabae lang daw, di naman!! :)


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