Big Changes at FRIENDSTER on Friday Afternoon!

Remember the time when you are begging for testimonials or comments from your friends? Well that only happens on I'm a member of this social networking site since September of 2004 and I can still remember when I add all random people that I stumbled to just to fill-up my profile with many friends hehe.

So when I read that I have an invite for this Exclusive Friendster Event at National Sports Grill in Greenbelt 3, I am so excited, because there's a lot of  good memories that happened to me because of Friendster  :)

Here are some of the major changes that will happen on Friendster this friday afternoon as presented to the bloggers by Ben Dunn, VP  of Friendster Philippines and Global Head of Brand Experience.

Friendster Games - they placed Games under the ‘Fun’ menu on the navbar. You can then select from a list of more than 200 games based on the Most Popular, Latest Released and A-Z. Games are added everyday according to them.

The Friendster Wallet – along with the new Friendster Gift Shop, they will launched the new Friendster Wallet enabling you to store money on Friendster in a currency called “Friendster Coins.” It can be spent throughout the site for gifts, games, goods & other services.Friendster Wallet supports prepaid 'top-up' cards, which can be purchased at readily-accessible convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. The Friendster Wallet comes with 1,500 “Friendster Chips”, Friendster’s play money that will let you try before you buy.

The Friendster Gift Shop - Now you can send gifts to friends quickly and conveniently. This helps you show your friends that you care – and show off the special gifts you receive in return.

Revamped ‘About Me’ Section with your friends included at the top - You’ll see a newly designed ‘About Me’ section at the top, with a larger version of your primary picture. Your profile is customizable and you can choose from a variety of skins from Friendster skins directory to decorate your page, add your own background images or a custom CSS to make your profile page even more personalized.

New Shoutout Stream - Your online friends will always be in the know with the new Shoutout Stream, where all your Shoutouts are saved and listed. They also comment on them.

Improved Photo Uploading and Viewing –Friendster knows that viewing photos and sharing them with friends is one of our favorite things to do on the site, so they have improved the entire photo experience. You can now upload 1,000 photos a day and we’ve made photo comments more prominent, so sharing thoughts with friends around photos is easier.

The Redesigned Network Activity Stream - you will know what's the latest on all of your friends.

Easier Sharing – Forwarding content to your friends and sharing photos within your network is so much easier. You can now share photo albums with others, including friends and family not on Friendster

I am really looking forward on this changes on my Friendster dashboard on the afternoon of December 5. More application/widgets should be provided & add more social games that is one major factor why people is staying on other social sites. Oh.. please add video upload & chat features too :)

Check-out the other photos here. Add me on Friendster too :)


  1. frenster go green huh..

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. how did you get the invite? i've checked my friendster, ginaya lang ang facebook.

  3. thru e-mail ung invite.

    Actually mas nauna ang Friendster sa Facebook kaya sila ang ginaya hehehe. At lahat tayo I think may soft spot sa FS kaya di ko maiwan ung account ko dun :)

  4. I hope I'll be able to watch that, but I don't fancy very violent movies. Cool blog Jay, way to go !

  5. Naku, maling post ang naclick ko. The comment was supposed to be in the Engkwentro article. Anwyay, keep going!

  6. actually I'm surprised that Engkwentro is not that violent compare to other indie (with the same theme) that I've watched.

    PS: okay lng po yan.. atleast you leave a comment for me. I love receiving feedbacks kase e :)

  7. Nadelete ko na account ko sa FS! hahaha :)

  8. parang di naman ako naexcite sa FS.. wala na akaseng friends na nagoonline.. heehehe

  9. di na ako sanay mag fs! LOL

  10. gudmrng to all.... hello to all friendster


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