Indie Sine: Metropolis at Robinson's Galleria on Nov. 24

Pinoy Indie cinema may well become a global phenomenon as it continues to delight critics & worldwide audiences  with it's diversity, vitality & creativity of the Philippine film industry. These are artists &producers who can truly go places when it comes to evoking the essence of a unique cultural landscape without disregarding a defiant, homegrown sophistication that can only enhance the beauty & bravura in their work.

The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival held annually at the Cultural Center of the Philippines has played a key role in representing & nurturing talent as well as encouraging the creation of new cinematic works with an unequivocal commitment to promoting enduring & contemporary filmmaking. For the movement & the movers, there is also an emphasis on the personification of works ‘that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience’ with fresh insight & artistic integrity.

Standing up for culture, entertainment & the world of art films, be sure to drop by at Indie Sine at Robinson’s Galleria on Saturday, November 21 for Metropolis, the first installation in a series of indie film screenings. The event is being presented by Anahata Foundation, a community based artistic collective, UN Millennium Campaign advocacy partner & grass-roots production team with a shared interest in distinctive creative processes & discovering unique pathways for promoting Philippine culture & the arts.

Movement, performance, fashion, media, visual arts, and the environment are some of the ways we communicate to express & encourage the equitable transmission of ideas, values & aspirations essential to Community Cultural Development (CCD).

With an urban punk rock vibe ‘Iskwaterpangk’ (2006) directed by Khavn De La Cruz will play back to back with ‘Batad: Sa Paang Palay’ (2006) & Hawaiian Orchid Award nominee ‘24K’ (2009) as the third headliner, where in exploring tribal customs & the indescrutability of the human spirit, directors Benji Garcia & Ana Agabin together embrace an evolving pilgrimatic sensibility that might also serve as a metaphor for modern times.

Following in the footsteps of the recent Wi_i Body 4 ‘In Focus’ series at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, don’t miss this unique line-up of works, well regarded in the arts scene for the social issues explored as well as for their historic & cultural significance, educational focus & entertainment value.

Metropolis is made possible through the assistance of the Indie Filmmakers Multi-purpose Cooperative (IFC), the Cultural Center of the Philippines Media Arts Division & Cinemalaya. Session times are at 2pm, 4pm & 6:30pm with featured filmmakers dropping by to introduce their films & share industry insights as well as a live musical performance by The Brockas.

Iskwaterpangk (2007) | 1:00pm
Directed by Khavn De La Cruz
Cinemanila 2006 Grand Jury Prize Awardee

Squatterpunk tackles the life of youth in poor urban communities living the punk lifestyle. The film is set in the slums of Manila where law enforcement is rare. Shot in black-and-white to the relentless punk rock energy of ’80s Filipino punk icon Bobby Balingit (The Wuds) and the postmodern art-punk heroes The Brockas, the camera follows the lives of the youth as they scavenge for a living while still managing to play around. Images of riot and poverty are set against the background of a loud musical score that makes the film wild, pulsating and certainly punk, while casting a tenderly poetic eye on its subjects.

Batad (2006) | 3:00pm
Directed by Benji Garcia
Cinemalaya Special Jury Prize Awardee

A 14-year old Batad Boy, a high school dropout, is forced to sell produce in the Banawe market to augment the family income while his father pursues the philantrophic mission of repairing the rice terraces of adjoining Ifugao villages. Exposed to Western modernization in Banawe, the boy obsesses with owning a pair of rubber shoes that he does not really need. In pursuit of his dream sneakers, he takes on all odd jobs imaginable and ultimately becomes a tour guide. During one of his tours, he barters his guide fee for a pair of shoes which are, however, too big for him. Upon possessing the long-desired rubber shoes, he attempts to leave his Ifugao roots and chase big city dreams.

24K (2009) | 5:00pm
Directed by Ana Agabin
Cinemalaya Best Cinematography Awardee

Receiving good omen from a medium, Manok and Boyet journey back to their treasure site in the mountains to continue digging for Yamashita treasure. With them is Freddie, a new member of the group, who is financing the rest of their operations. Upon returning to their site, things don't quite happen as the medium predicted. In the thick of their obsession to find treasure, they are forced to make choices that would change their destinies. 24k is a true-to-life depiction of the misadventures, the bizarre encounters, and the melancholic life of a group of treasure hunters who gamble their future digging for Yamashita treasure.

Tickets are P150 with proceeds supporting Anahata Foundation’s community based projects involved in movement, performance, fashion, media, visual arts & concern for the environment.
For reservations / inquiries please call Indie Sine (632) 395 2038, text (63) 9296944138 / (63)9087568699 / (63)9278748789 or email They are also on Facebook for your comments & input

Indie Sine is located at Level 4 of Robinson’s Galleria along EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. Screening times are 1:00pm, 3:00pm & 5:00pm, Saturday, November 24.


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